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How to get love back by islamic dua

Hello friends I am Suresh and am belong to Punjab. When I was 23 I fell in love with a girl her name is Sonia. She has very fond of me from college first day. The first day of college, I started to love her. But she did not know it. Every day I stay out of his class for see them. I could not live a day without seeing him. Then one day I gave him Purpose and told our heart feeling. But she turned down my purpose and left without saying anything. So I was very sad. And I was thinking not good anything without him. Since that day she was does not come to college. I had stayed so sad. And 3 days later she came to college. I wanted to talk to him but she was not talk with me and goes away from me. In this situation I am so sad and unhappy. And Somehow I wanted to get him. Then one day my friend came with me and told me about Islamic Dua expert. Then me and I friend went to Islamic Dua expert and I told him all problem. Then Dua specialist gives me one amulet. And I saw an amulet around the neck. After 3 days then one day I saw Sonia was coming towards me. And she stopped coming to me. And says love you. I do not understand anything of what was going on but I am feeling so happy. And I got my love back with the help of Islamic dua specialist. And he had solved a lot of people love problems.

So friend if this types of problem come in your life .

Maulana Jalal Ahmed is the Best Astrologer in india.

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Maulana Jalal Ahmed is the Best Astrologer in india.

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